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Assertiveness: Key to Better Parenting

(Submitted by: Pat )

I have always been aware of my number one weakness: non-assertiveness. But I have come a long way from the time when I couldn't say 'no' to a child molester and not understanding the importance of telling my parents. At my first job after ... Read article

Parenting: 6 Observations on Fatherhood

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Just the other day my oldest son asked:Daddy, am I old enough to call you Dad?Wont be long now before he is asking for the car keys.......Here are a few things Im learning as well as some important things Ive discovered so ... Read article

Featured Article on Parenting: The Power of Belonging

(Submitted by: Tricia Wellington )

Search for Assurance: The Power of BelongingThe job hunt is on, as is the quest to find another great preschool and neighborhood to be part of. After feeling out of place, hearing over and over that an item Im searching for is not ... Read article

Caretaking Parents, Entitled Kids

(Submitted by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. )

Demanding children children who have entitlement issues seem to be common these days. Like the obnoxious child, Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, who was constantly demanding that her father get her whatever she wanted (I ... Read article

Surprising Fun Solution to Kids Moods and Attitudes

(Submitted by: Nicole MacKenzie )

As a parent, are you at your wits end? Does your child control you? Does your child act up in public? Does your child ignore you, whine, argue, show disrespect, have "moods" or "attitudes", throw tantrums, and drive you crazy? If this sounds ... Read article

The Twenty-First Century Parent

(Submitted by: Mark Brandenburg )

John was a 43 year-old sales manager at a large company. Hes married and has 3 children, ages 7, 9, and 12. His wife works part-time as a nursing assistant, and they both do as much as they can to parent their children well.John has ... Read article

Parents of Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers: 7 Universal Laws

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

1. The Law of the BeastAs parents we need to keep in mind that we are raising our teenager while we raise our toddler. They are essentially the same beast.2. The Law of CPRHaving little to do with ... Read article

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