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Psychological Effects of Child Abuse

(Submitted by: Lisa Dunning )

Many children who suffer from the psychological effects of child abuse often become child abusers themselves or can become perpetrators of violent crimes. Many inmates in our jails and prisons have been victims of child abuse. Though the ... Read article

Committed Parenting

(Submitted by: Russell Turner )

When you think about it, probably the one thing that our children need most in order to grow up feeling loved, happy, and empowered enough to give of themselves to others is our commitment to them as parents. Our children must know that we have ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: What Parents Say About Teens

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

What is hard for parentsLetting them learn from their mistakes.Trying not to fix their problems.Learning to trust in ways I've never had to before.We hurt when they hurt.Being lied to.Trying to continue ... Read article


(Submitted by: Clive Taylor )

This article on parenting is by a practicing relationship counsellor/therapist, and father.The following suggestions will be useful for any parent or caregiver who wants to improve their relationships with their children.In more ... Read article

Classic Parenting: Encouragement, Praise, Acceptance, and Responsibility

(Submitted by: Douglas Cowan, Psy.D. )

Encouragement comes when you focus on your child's assets and strengths in order to build his/her self-confidence. It comes from seeing the positive. Even failures can be outstanding learning experiences. Encouragement sounds like this, "I like ... Read article

Parenting Univeristy: Potty Training 101

(Submitted by: Danna Henderson )

When your child shows signs of potty training readiness, it's time to purchase some essential potty training items. There are many new products which can help to make potty training quick and easy for both you and your child. We have researched ... Read article

MORAL ARMORS Irrational Parenting, Part III

(Submitted by: Ronald Springer )

Not Letting Them Think.We all implicitly know that anything questioning the process of cognition itself will be met with massive irritation, making us want to respond with Dont question my capacity to think. Their moronic reasoning to show ... Read article

MORAL ARMORS Irrational Parenting, Part II

(Submitted by: Ronald Springer )

Handing Down Malignancy.Children may begin bright and eager to face the world, but are often inundated with the conditioning of their fear-ridden predecessors speaking of lost dreamstaken by no one in particular. Their guardians appear ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: Truth or Lie?

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Attention all parents of teen-agers. Here is an important, groundbreaking and even shocking bulletin for you:According to research conducted at the prestigious-sounding Josephson Institute of Ethics in, of course, California, here are two ... Read article

Parenting Secrets Revealed

(Submitted by: Karen Montgomery )

So your little Susie wants to join a competitive gymnastic club? You conclude that this is going to be great fun! Maybe, you even think this is just the ticket your bouncy little girl needs to get rid of her pent-up energy while meeting other ... Read article

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