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Parenting Your Teenager: The Teenager and the Gorilla

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q: A parent writes in to ask, "You write a lot about the difference between controlling and managing teenagers. What's the difference........., and how do we do it in our family?"A: In the counseling and seminars that I do, ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: The Trust Issue

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q. How do we decide what our teens should be able to do? How do they earn trust and responsibility?A. Good questions. One way is to determine how much trust the teen-ager has earned.To use a banking metaphor, if the teen-ager has ... Read article

Childrens Discipline: How To Resolve Divorce Parenting Differences?

(Submitted by: Ruben Francia )

Did you know that inconsistency on matters of discipline gives double messages, produces anxiety and can be very confusing to your children? Children need to know where they stand in their behaviors. It is therefore critical for parents to ... Read article

The Challenges of Single Parenting

(Submitted by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. )

Having worked with parents for the last 35 years and written books on parenting and relationships, Ive discovered that one of the greatest challenges for us as parents is to be loving role-models for our children, showing our children through our ... Read article

Stop, Look, Listen! Steps to Better Parenting Communication

(Submitted by: Rachel Webb )

As a parent is seems that the majority of your day is spent trying to get your children to listen to what you are trying to teach them. Make them understand how to me a responsible child. Convince them to make the right choices. Kids call these ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: Back to School Blues

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q: Our son has been in honors classes all through school up until his junior year last year, when his grades took a dive. What could be going on and what can we do about it?A: The cause of suddenly declining grades in school can often be ... Read article

MORAL ARMORS Irrational Parenting, Part I

(Submitted by: Ronald Springer )

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is God is crying. And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is, Probably because of something you did."Jack HandeyMy view on parenting holds one ... Read article

Cyber Parenting 101

(Submitted by: Judith Kallos )

Many parental units are not "techies" and openly admit theyare not. They seem to use that as an excuse to not beinformed and "trust" their children to do what is right inan environment that is clearly risky. When it comes tounderage ... Read article

Parenting: Blending Familes - 9 Universal Laws

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

The law of -ing.The law of -ing refers to a misnomer in the way we talk about this special kind of family. By calling them "blended families," we imply that blending two families is a one-time event, and all the work is done. Nothing could ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: The Bottom Line Issues

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q. When you consult with a family with teens, what are the typical bottom-line issues?A. Not surprisingly, the bottom line issues for parents are very different than the bottom line issues for the teen.For the parents, the bottom ... Read article

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