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Are Todays Parents Ready For Extreme Parenting?

(Submitted by: Donny Lowy )

Parenting has always required and exceptionally strong set of skills. Parents generally have been called on to be a leader, manager, facilitator, communicator, and care giver, all without any formal training.These functions are considered ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: 3 More Dangerous Myths

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

MYTH: If you have not parented as well as you would have liked up until now, it's too late to try anything different.REALITY: This is one of those seductive little lies that sounds so close to the truth.But it's not.Even if ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: How to Build Trust

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

``Mom, can I go to the mall with my friend Jenny?''``No, not after you came home late last night.''``Well, everyone else gets to.''``I don't care what everybody else gets to do; you can't.''``You just don't trust me ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: 4 Traps to Avoid

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

4 traps to avoidTrap 1 - Parents need to realize the trap that is being set when your kids ask,"Well, why can't I (fill in the blank)?"Many well-intentioned parents then proceed to give a well-reasoned response and then ... Read article

Parenting Styles - Overcoming Your Differences

(Submitted by: Lori Radun )

If you spend any time in the parenting section of the library or your local bookstore, you will find hundreds of books on disciplining and raising your children. All the leading experts have their own ideas about what works and what doesnt. As ... Read article

Parenting: The Road I Chose

(Submitted by: Jan Verhoeff )

Tripping over the shoes and toys that seem to clutter my living room floor on a constant basis, just seems to be part of the game of parenting. I realize it doesn't have to be that way. I could spend my time picking up after the little hon-yocks, ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: Ask Questions

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Many parents seem to be more than a little confused about what they have a right to know about their teens.The question I often get goes something like this:"We want to know where our 16-year-old son is going to be, and who he is ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: The Power Struggle

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q: My husband and I are at a loss as to what to do with our two teenagers. They have been great kids and all of a sudden it seems like we are in teenage hell! We keep fighting to see the kids we once knew, and they keep fighting to get their own ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: How to Say NO!

(Submitted by: Jeff Herring )

Q: Whenever we tell my daughter "no," she just bugs and pesters until we give in. I know it's wrong to give in, but she makes things so unpleasant that we give in just to make peace. How can we turn this situation around?A: You have a ... Read article

Parenting Predicaments

(Submitted by: David E. Smith )

Predicament:My son is 4 1/2 years old. His younger brother is 2 1/2. From the time his brother was born, until now, he has been loving, giving, and caring. Like all siblings sharing has not always come as easy. In the last few weeks he has ... Read article

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