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Golf Exercise Benefits

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf exercise benefits are many. Golfers have struggled for years with their games and have become very frustrated. I cant tell you how many times I play with golfers who are about to quit the game.To explain golf exercise ... Read article

How To Get Your Golf Technique Right

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

There is really no doubt about just how important the correct golf techniques are to playing a consistently good and yet enjoyable game. Actually ever since the inception of this wonderful game of golf, emphasis has always been on getting your ... Read article

What A Golf Conditioning Tip Must Have

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

There are certain aspects that any good golf conditioning tip must have. And with the increasingly high number of golf tips flying through the net and many other places, it is extremely useful to know what to look for in a genuine golf ... Read article

Golf Swing Improvement The Fast Way

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf swing improvement is a never ending goal for every golfer wanting to play better golf.This is hardly surprising because the golf swing is such a critical area of the game and is indeed the core of the golf game. Without making any ... Read article

Dramatic Effect Of A Stretching Exercise For Golf

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

A stretching exercise for golf is capable of revolutionizing the quality of any individuals game. In fact there is no single genuine golf exercise program that does not include stretching exercises. That is how critical stretching exercises for ... Read article

The Power Exercise In The Golf Swing

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

It is a proven fact that any power exercise will have a tremendous impact in a persons golf swing and golf game in general. In fact any strength exercise will have an impact on the golf game.However golf specific power exercises will tend ... Read article

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