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Perform Better Golf Right In Your Home

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

To perform better golf, you need to take a different approach. I have seen and heard time after time how much money golfers will spend in hopes to perform better golf. But according to statistics, the average USGA Handicap hasnt gone ... Read article

Resort Golf Can Vastly Improve Your Game

(Submitted by: Susan Hill )

There is more to a golf vacation than spending your day on the golf course and driving range. The golf course may be the main attraction for various golf resorts around the country, however many also offer fitness centers, spas, and healthy ... Read article

Advice On Golf Training Aid Products

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

There are many different types of golf swing faults and a golf training aid can go a long way in helping any golfer deal with their specific problem area.The golf swing is the essence of the golf game and therefore it would not be a bad ... Read article

Reluctant to Try Golf Instruction?

(Submitted by: Perry Andrisen )

Maybe you or a friend had a negative experience with an instructor. It could have been a personality conflict or some other problem. Golf instructors are like college professors. Good teachers have the knowledge, but great teachers can explain ... Read article

Understanding The Physics Of The Golf Swing

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Some golf players have been able to increase their game tremendously by studying the physics of their golf swing by capturing and analyzing the biomechanics of their golf swing.Biomechanics or Motion Capture Technology (MOCAP) is the ... Read article

Play Better Longer: Reducing Golf Related Injury

(Submitted by: Bill Scibetta )

On the surface golf may look to be a slow paced low impact sport with little risk of injury. However, as many golfers have unfortunately discovered looks can be deceiving. The Physician and Sports Medicine Journal reports 57% to 67.5% of all ... Read article

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