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How Important Is A Golf Fitness Program

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

A golf fitness program can make the difference between you optimizing your golf potential or playing the same frustrating golf you may be used to playing.Its no secret that the body swings the club and plays the gameso why wouldnt you ... Read article

Improve Golf Driving Distance

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

How do I improve my golf driving distance? I hear this question daily. This is the dream of almost every amateur golfer. To hit it longer. But to improve golf driving distance isnt what you think. No its not your equipment. ... Read article

Understanding The Rotary Nature of The Golf Swing

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

The golf swing is really a rotary movement in nature.Actually part of the real secret behind the perfect golf swing has to do with a golfer understanding the rotary motions in the golf swing and being able to perfect and master them.This ... Read article

The Power of A Golf Training Club

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Some golfers idea of a golf training club is using their usual set of clubs to hit balls on the course the whole day.This sort of thinking is borrowed from other sports where the most effective way of improving a persons game and level of ... Read article

The Impact of Golf Specific Exercise

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf specific exercises are part and parcel of the modern day golf game. Yet many people associate golf specific exercises with exercises used in other sports and by other athletes involved in more rigorous sporting activities.For example ... Read article

Why is the Core Important to Golf?

(Submitted by: Sean Cochran )

IntroductionThe core is the center of the body and is a key component for many activities the body performs. A quick review of the core region will indicate: 1) there are a vast number of muscles incorporated in this section of the body ... Read article

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