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Golf Swing Training The Right Way

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf swing training is a critical area in the improvement of any golfers game. Yet not all golf swing training programs are the same. The truth of the matter is that there are some that are better and more effective than others.In this ... Read article

An Effective Golf Swing Exercise

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

There are many types of effective golf swing exercises. Golf swing exercise is very important because the golf swing is at the very heart of the golf game.It is actually impossible to play a good game of golf without being able to execute ... Read article

Balance Your Checkbook and Golf Swing

(Submitted by: Sean Cochran )

We all search for it. Balance in our daily lives. Balance while riding a bike. Politicians are always debating a balanced budget in Washington, and most of us could use a little balance in our checkbooks. Balance is a term used in golf quite ... Read article

Golf Exercises Dont Have To Be Grueling

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf exercises are viewed by the majority of golfers as work. That is why it is so difficult to convince golfers that golf exercises can be fun and dont have to wipe you out physically.Ive worked with many golfers in person and with my ... Read article

The Best Golf Exercises Are Very Simple

(Submitted by: Mike Pedersen )

The best golf exercises are not complicated; you dont need to be a member of a gym; and you dont need thousands of dollars in equipment. Yesthere are new golf fitness machines coming out in the market that look respectable, but they want ... Read article

Golf Carts -- A Surprisingly Large Industry

(Submitted by: Frank Vanderlugt )

You probably just take them for granted when you play golf, and never think about their origin. I'm talking about golf carts, those miniature vehicles dotting every golf course. However, golf cart production is a multi-million dollar industry ... Read article

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