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Melatonin as a Dietary Supplement to Combat Insomnia

(Submitted by: Donald Saunders )

Melatonin is probably the most studied and best understood natural sleep remedy for insomnia, and can be particularly helpful if you suffer from initial, or sleep onset, insomnia difficulty falling asleep.A hormone that occurs naturally ... Read article

Curing Insomnia - 7 Steps To Better Sleep

(Submitted by: Donald Saunders )

Do you sit up at night not bothering to go to bed because you know you wont sleep? Or, do you climb into bed and then toss and turn getting more and more frustrated because sleep wont come? If so, dont despair because help is at hand ... Read article

Do You Have Insomnia or Just Temporary Sleep Problems?

(Submitted by: Candace Rice )

Very few people can claim to never have difficulty sleeping. But for those who do, it may be a case of wondering do you have insomnia, or just temporary sleep problems?Insomnia is usually a chronic, long term condition, during which a ... Read article

How To Give Up Insomnia

(Submitted by: Elaine Currie )

I am writing this on a Sunday morning following a very restless night when sleep just didnt want to be my friend. I have suffered with insomnia for many years but, by using a combination of techniques, it is more or less under control ... Read article

Overcoming Insomnia: The Right Relaxation Techniques Can Help You

(Submitted by: Peter Walters )

If youre troubled by insomnia, try the following relaxation exercises. Theyre simple but highly effective. Many people have found a renewed ability to fall asleep just by learning how to relax well.Heres a breathing exercise you can ... Read article

Insomnia: Treating Sleeplessness the Natural Way

(Submitted by: Whozylee Aris )

If the Sandman seems to have lost the map to your house and, no matter what you do, nothing seems to lull you to sleep each night, then its time to take some positive steps toward treating this potentially serious condition using natural methods. ... Read article

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