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Menopause and Insomnia

(Submitted by: Cathy Taylor )

Insomnia is a very common symptom reported by numerous women at the onset of menopause. It is characterized by sleepless nights and often uncomfortable sleep such as tossing and turning in an effort to get comfortable. If you are primarily a ... Read article

Insomnia: How to End the Frustration

(Submitted by: Keith Londrie )

Insomnia is a common sleep sickness that has bothered many people around the world. But the consequences brought about by this disorder may not be as ordinary as it may seem. It can be downright punishing.You know the frustration of ... Read article

No More Sleepless Nights (Insomnia)

(Submitted by: Tina Jain )

Insomnia is usually the result of the modern way of life and mental tension to which it leads. Innumerable persons suffer from insomnia. According to the available figures, sleeping pills worth millions of dollars are sold every year ... Read article


(Submitted by: Dr. Michael L. Johnson )

Insomnia and fatigue are two sides of the same coin: if a person is unable to sleep at night, they are usually fatigued during the day. However, some people get eight to 12 hours of sleep a night and still have fatigue.The top part of the ... Read article

Yoga - The Solution for Insomnia

(Submitted by: Paul Jerard )

At one time, or another, all of us have experienced insomnia for any type of reason. There are times when lack of sleep just cant be helped, such as: the loss a loved one, going through a divorce, and losing your job.These are some of ... Read article

Sleeping Pills - An Effective Alternative

(Submitted by: Donald Saunders )

Overcoming insomnia is a journey - and, as you may have discovered, it can also be a matter of trial and response. Undertaken systematically overcoming insomnia and getting a good night's sleep is an ultimately rewarding process. But, if you've ... Read article

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