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Cracking Down on Spyware

(Submitted by: Adam Short )

Do you know what your computer is doing while you are away? You may be amazed at all of the things that your computer can pick up on a daily basis. First came viruses, and that was a huge threat for many years. We heard about such infections as ... Read article

Spyware, This Time Its Personal!

(Submitted by: Doug Woodall )

First the basic definition of Spyware: It is a type of software which is installed onto your computer without your permission... It can log your keystrokes, which websites you visit, read you email, and even prowl your hard drives. At some point ... Read article

Spyware IS Good

(Submitted by: Andrew Wroblewski )

How many times per week do you run your antivirus protection or anti-spyware or adware programs to ensure that your paranoia about having an infected machine is just that, paranoia? With so many problems in the computer infection world, one ... Read article

How to Thwart the Barbarian Spyware!

(Submitted by: Doug Woodall )

Today,on most internet user's computers, we have the ability to employ software, along with our intelligence, to prevent viruses and spyware. To put this article into proper perspective, we'll use Medieval defense tactics.This is ... Read article

Is Spyware Watching You?

(Submitted by: Jim Edwards )

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from a friend who told me he'd been the victim of a "spyware" attack that left him shaking at his loss of privacy.I listened to his horror story with a sympathetic ear, but I felt secure ... Read article

Removing Stubborn Spyware from Your Hardrive

(Submitted by: Mitch Johnson )

Internet Explorer is the browser used by most computer user and because the browser was designed to have third party functionality spyware distributors have taken advantage of the opportunity to spread their surveillance software. Creators of ... Read article

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