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Detect and Remove Spyware

(Submitted by: Mitch Johnson )

The increasingly common computer and internet threat known as spyware is designed to gather information about personal and business computer users. The private information spyware is capable of obtaining about you can include your click stream, ... Read article

Beware of Spyware

(Submitted by: Nowshade Kabir )

One day, you suddenly realize that your computer started to work noticeably slower than it used to. You decide to run de-fragmentation of your hard drive and add more virtual memory to the system. No luck! May be, its probably some viruses, you ... Read article

Spyware Consequences and Defenses

(Submitted by: Mitch Johnson )

Unfortunately for computer users spyware has become the primary threat when surfing the internet and as the problem continues to grow the likelihood that users can stay spyware free is lessened.The nuisance with spyware, aside from its ... Read article

Countering the Spread of Spyware on Your Computer

(Submitted by: Mitch Johnson )

Spyware has boomed into the top internet threat in no time and it continues to affect more computer users each day. Spyware is best described as a rogue application that latches to your system so it can record personal information and monitor ... Read article

Spyware Symptoms

(Submitted by: Gary Gresham )

Spyware symptoms happen when your computer gets bogged down with spyware programs running in the background without your knowledge. Spyware, adware, malware and even spamware can cause your computer to behave very strange.If you are ... Read article

Keeping Your Computer Spyware Free for Free

(Submitted by: Mitch Johnson )

As the threats of spyware continue to spread the means computer users must take to protect themselves and their computers from spyware infections become more difficult. A legitimate attitude among many computer uses is that the spyware should ... Read article

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