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Piano Lessons Can be Fun!

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

There are essentially two ways to learn piano - note reading or chords. For those who want to spend years learning how to play other peoples music, note reading is the way to go.For those who want to create their own special music, chord ... Read article

Piano Music, Perfectionism, and Self-Expression

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Is your heart in the music? If so, it won't matter what you play so much as what is received through your playing. Do you still think you need to learn 43 chords to sound good or are you concerned with the joy of expressing yourself through this ... Read article

Learning To Play The Piano With Chords

(Submitted by: Kemi Quinn )

Learning piano chords can help you in all your piano playing. For me chords are the easiest way to play and the simplest way to embellish my playing.If you have no illusions of grandeur and you just want to play your favorite tunes on the ... Read article

New Age Piano Tricks

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

One of the things that makes New Age piano so enjoyable is that it's easy to get started.One of the "tricks" of the trade is to play an ostinato pattern in the left-hand while the right improvises a melody. Just listen to George Winston's ... Read article

How to Play Piano Using a Few Chords

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

How many chords do you need to create a piece of music? Would you believe that it doesn't really matter and that whole pieces of music have been created using just one chord? For example, if you play a D minor 7 chord, you could use the bass note ... Read article

What Works Best in New Age Piano Improvisation

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Many students want to know how to improvise. What they really want to know is how to be able to keep an improvisation going.It's not difficult to begin. You just play a chord or two and that's that. But what happens to many students after ... Read article

Piano Playing and Performance Anxiety

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

I'll never forget the first time I played the piano for an audience.It was my first concert and it was fairly full up. I was to play my first CD "La Jolla Suite" containing 12 pieces. There was to be one intermission and the whole concert ... Read article

New Age Piano and Improvisation

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

There are so many areas in life where one must do things right. Thankfully, art is an area where great discoveries are made by making mistakes!Take improvisation for example. We sit at our piano or keyboard without any thought of ... Read article

Piano Lessons and Perfectionism

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Are you a perfectionist? Does every note have to sound right before it comes out of your piano? If so, you might be cheating yourself out of the joy of music making. Most of us learned how to be perfectionists as children, trying to please Mommy ... Read article

Right-Hand Techniques for New Age Piano

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Recently, I had a student ask me to offer some techniques for using the right hand. Usually, it's the left hand that causes the most difficulty but I had to think about it because up till then, I really did not have any "techniques" for the right ... Read article

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