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Piano Teachers - Whats Wrong with Them?

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Most of us like to use what we learn right away. So why is it that most piano teachers tell you you can't really play music until you learn 2 years of theory or more? What hogwash!If I had to wait that long before I could launch into my ... Read article

How to be Creative at the Piano

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

So you want to be more creative when playing piano. Many students wish they could just sit down and improvise their own music but don't know how to begin.They think if they can't play a fugue like Bach, they are untalented. Or, they think ... Read article

Play Piano in the New Age Style

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

It's not what you play, it's how you play it. These words summarize the art of piano playing in general and New Age piano playing in particular. You could take 2 chords, and, if you were in the moment and in flow, communicate the utmost ... Read article

Adults Can Learn to Play the Piano Too

(Submitted by: Kemi Quinn )

Are you well past puberty and have always had a hankering for tickling the ivories? Maybe you didn't have the money as a child. Or your family was always moving. Or you probably didn't even know there was such a wonderful thing as the piano. ... Read article

Why You Cant Play Piano

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

It's really not your fault. You see, you've been taught that in order to play piano you need to first learn how to read music, and second, play other peoples music.Dont feel bad. You're not alone. Thousand upon thousands of frustrated ... Read article

Zen and the Art of New Age Piano

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

We all want to be in the moment. That's where real transformation takes place. For some, walking gets them there. Others like to play sports or watch movies. For me, it's playing the piano. When I'm in the moment, letting the music speak, it's ... Read article

The Case Against Traditional Piano Lessons

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

How would you like to spend 4 years in a University learning how to play other peoples music? If you think this is ridiculous, you're right! Because that's what thousands of piano music students do each day.They sit in front of their piano ... Read article

New Age Piano Playing and the Sustain Pedal

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

There are 3 pedals on most pianos. The one on the left dampens the strings and makes the sound come out softer. The one in the middle - I have no idea what that one does, but the one on the right - the sustain pedal - this one is the pedal I have ... Read article

Play The Piano Like A Pro

(Submitted by: Ismael D. Tabije )

Meet the 12 Major Notes:1. C (do)2. C# - Db (do sharp or re flat) (one-key only)3. D (re)4. D# - Eb (re sharp or mi flat) (one key only)5. E (mi)6. F ... Read article

The Open Position Piano Chord

(Submitted by: Edward Weiss )

Chords. They're amazing. There's no doubt about it. Especially when it comes to piano playing and the Open Position Chord. Here we can use both hands to create music with. The chord is broken up into its main elements and its voicing is spread ... Read article

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