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Mortgage Prequalification

(Submitted by: Kostia Kot )

How do I get Prequalified mortgage and how much can I spend on a house mortgage? Fill out one of the forms to get prequalified. You will be able to know how much you qualify for, or if you do not automatically mortgage prequalify, you ... Read article

What is a Repayment Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

A repayment mortgage is the type of mortgage that most people think about. The idea behind a repayment mortgage is that you pay monthly for a set period and each payment consists of an element of capital and interest.A repayment mortgage ... Read article

Ending Your Private Mortgage Insurance Early

(Submitted by: Genesis Font )

Private mortgage insurance, or PMI, is the safety net of the lender. PMI benefits lenders because it guarantees payment on the balance of loans not covered by the sale of foreclosed properties.If a borrower makes a down payment of 20% of ... Read article

What is a Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

A mortgage is a loan, usually from a bank, finance company or building society to help you buy your home.A mortgage is a loan, from a bank or building society that is secured against your house or flat. You have to pay back everything you ... Read article

Helpful Mortgage Advice

(Submitted by: David Chapman )

Mortgage advice overwhelming you? Many people get advice from everyone on the planet when they talk about purchasing a home. People tell them their version of advice on most important factors and expect the potential home buyer to do as they ... Read article

Choosing a Mortgage Lender

(Submitted by: Bwalya Mwaba )

Just as there are many types of mortgages and mortgage deals to choose from, there are also many sources where you can go to get a mortgage. Your key choices are to use a mortgage broker, a more general financial adviser, or shop around yourself ... Read article

Mortgage Information

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

A mortgage is borrowing money using property as a security, a type of secured loan in other words. Primarily, the purpose in borrowing the money is to purchase a property.A mortgage is really another word for a property loan - a loan that ... Read article

A Personal Mortgage Experience

(Submitted by: Cheryl Lind )

I dont know what the mortgage situation is around the world but here in England the mortgage industry is a constant point of debate. It used to be that everyone aspired to having a mortgage on a nice home you know the kind of house with enough ... Read article

Finding the Best Mortgage Lender Online

(Submitted by: Carrie Reeder )

Finding the best mortgage lender online is simply a matter of doing some smart shopping. Begin by gathering your financial information, and then request quotes from several lenders. Compare the rates and fees for each quote to find the best ... Read article

What is a Current Account Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

Current account mortgages are fairly new to the sector. They are quite different to other types of mortgage as they enable you to set off all your savings and debts in one single account.Several lenders offer this type of flexible mortgage ... Read article

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