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What is a Buy To Let Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

A buy to let mortgage is a mortgage on a property which is to be let out or rented, rather than occupied by the owner. A buy to let mortgage is exactly as it sounds - a mortgage that allows you to buy a property in order to let if out to a tenant ... Read article

What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

As the term implies, with a fixed rate mortgage the mortgage rate is fixed for a set period of time, so no matter what movements occur in the lender's standard variable mortgage rate, the borrower's arrangement is fixed and, therefore, so are the ... Read article

What is an Offset Mortgage?

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

An offset mortgage is very similar to a current account mortgage - but instead of having everything all in one account, all accounts are held separately.The offset mortgage concept treats your money as one giant pot, with each element ... Read article

Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Reverse Mortgage

(Submitted by: Paul Jesse )

Betty and John, are in their mid-seventies and are currently weighing the advantages and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage as a way of freeing up some cash. The couple purchased their home 45 years ago for about $14,000 since then home values ... Read article

Who Could Benefit From A Reverse Mortgage?

(Submitted by: Helen March )

What is a "Reverse Mortgage?"Also known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)a reverse mortgage,is a popular way older homeowners (62+) can convert part of the equity in their homes into tax-free income without having to sell ... Read article

Mortgage What, Why, When, and How?

(Submitted by: Marc Sisk )

What is a mortgage? Heres what The New Merriam Webster Dictionary definition is: a transfer of rights to a piece of property usu. as security for the payment of a loan or debt that becomes void when the debt is paid. ... Read article

First Time Home Owner Mortgage Loans

(Submitted by: Carrie Reeder )

First time home owners are sometimes surprised at the complexity of the mortgage lending process. If you are searching for a mortgage and you have never owned a home, there a few things you can do to make the mortgage process less confusing. ... Read article

Refinance Your Second Mortgage

(Submitted by: Carrie Reeder )

A 2nd mortgage is a secured loan on your property, with your home serving as collateral. Depending on the particular terms of your second mortgage, you could be able to refinance if you wish to reduce your monthly payments or are in need of ... Read article

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

(Submitted by: Martin Lukac )

If your down payment on a home is less than 20 percent of the appraised value or sale price, you must obtain private mortgage insurance, known as PMI, with your lender. This will enable you to obtain a mortgage with a lower down payment because ... Read article

Selecting the Right Mortgage for You

(Submitted by: Genesis Font )

A mortgage is a loan you take out to buy a home. This loan covers the "principal" (purchase price of the house minus your down payment) plus the "interest," which is the fee a lender charges you to borrow the money.There are various types ... Read article

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