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Sports Massage Pre-Event

(Submitted by: Richard Lane )

Massage before an event can be an integral component of the pre-event preparation for many athletes. Pre-event massage can create a state of readiness in the muscles and tissues so that the athletes performance can be optimized. Whilst some ... Read article

Sports Massage - An Introduction

(Submitted by: Richard Lane )

Many therapists offer Sports Massage on their Massage Menu yet few understand what Sports Massage is about. When a client comes in requesting a Sports Massage, some therapists merely react by going in deep. Sports Massage is so much more ... Read article

The Convenience of the Portable Massage Chair

(Submitted by: Jimmy Sturo )

Human resource officers have, over the past decade or so, began to understand how massage therapy can benefit their employees. Employees that sit at a desk for most of their day are at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, back pain and ... Read article

Massage Therapy

(Submitted by: C. Bailey-Lloyd )

Massage Therapy is a massage session that takes place in a warm, comfortable and quiet area as you lie on a specially-designed table. Sometimes, soft music is played for relaxation. A professional massage therapist with proper training will ... Read article

A Look at Vending Massage Chairs

(Submitted by: Jimmy Sturo )

Vending massage chairs are coin-operated devices that can be found in many retail establishments across the country. Some of the most ideal locations for vending massage chairs are restaurants, airports, malls, hotels and hospitals. Vending ... Read article

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