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Baby Massage: A Cure for Colic

(Submitted by: Lucy Curran )

Colic hurts. Any parent who has an affected child will know that there is almost no pain like it the physical and vocal response to the problem can be highly tiring and its very difficult to stand by and cope as a parent. Its often tough to ask ... Read article

Massage Reduces Headache Frequency

(Submitted by: Saman Baghestani )

Massage significantly reduced the number of headaches experienced by people with chronic tension headaches, and decreased the duration of the headaches, according to a recent study."Massage Therapy and Frequency of Chronic Tension ... Read article

The Joy of Tantric Massage

(Submitted by: David Gideon )

Originating in what is now modern India; Tantra is at least 5000-7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism.Many religions believe you can have either physical pleasure or spiritual growth, but not both ... Read article

Massage Therapists Can Now Make More Money

(Submitted by: Dawn Breeze-George )

As a massage therapist, your income is usually limited by your stamina and the amount of hours there are in a day. Have you considered that there is a way to make extra income that is literally no sweat off your back? Adding retail products to ... Read article

The Raindrop Technique Massage

(Submitted by: Emma Sanford )

Raindrop Technique is a procedure for applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet, back and spine. It is a form of aromatherapy. Raindrop icorporates certain Native American concepts, including a special form of massage called "feather ... Read article

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