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Why Most Diets Dont Work

(Submitted by: Nathan Latvitis )

Ever thought of, known someone, or gone on a diet? You probably have. The word diet seems like a common word for someone who is unsatisfied with their current physical condition. The problem is that most diets usually end up failingin the long ... Read article

Where Diets Go Wrong

(Submitted by: Jay Harris )

When we discover that we are heavier than we want to be, we have a natural invlination to eat less food. We may skip lunch or eat only a tiny amount of our dinner in the hope that if we eat less our body will burn off some of its fat. But that ... Read article

3 Secrets Your Diet Book Wont Tell You

(Submitted by: Amy S. Grant )

Are you wondering why youre not losing weight? If youre like me, youve tried every fad diet imaginable, and nothing seems to work at least not long-term. Ive personally tried Weight Watchers (that worked great until my schedule changed and I was ... Read article

Weight Loss Fads that Dont Work

(Submitted by: Roy Barker )

No matter what the reason, successful weight loss and healthy weight management depend on sensible goals and expectations. If you set sensible goals for yourself, chances are you'll be more likely to meet them and have a better chance of keeping ... Read article

Diets Dont Work

(Submitted by: Mark Idzik )

Any doctor worth their salt will tell you diets don't work. Plain and simple. Surprised?Well you might be. You can't get away from all the talk about South Beach, Atkins, Low Carb, Zone ... you name it, they're talking about it. It's on ... Read article

Eat Healthy for Life

(Submitted by: Jean Bowler )

Lets not talk about diets. Diets are punishment like being sent to bed without dinner. Diets take some of the fun out of living. Many diets or supplements are harmful to your health or even dangerous, if you have certain risk factors ... Read article

Avoid These Five Common Weight Loss Mistakes

(Submitted by: Hristo Hristov )

Mistake 1: Not changing your calorie plan as you lose weight. The fallacy of the "1200 calorie diet" plans and the like.Most people set their calorie intake at a given number and expect to keep losing weight at the same constant rate over ... Read article

You Are What You Eat

(Submitted by: Dax Moy )

Have you noticed how many diet and nutrition books there are in the bookshops these days?It seems that the areas of weight control and nutrition are amongst the most popular of all reading materials, with many well-known stores stocking no ... Read article

Why Many Fat Free Diets Do Not Work

(Submitted by: Jim Duffy )

Most people understand that it is wise to limit the amount of fat grams in their daily diet. The dietary reference intake amount for an adult ranges from 20% to 35%[i] of daily calories; or about 44 to 55 grams per day[1]. Since a single slice ... Read article

Vegetable Diets: Facts For Fitness

(Submitted by: Steve Shannon )

The body needs a lot of fiber, so its only common sense to add plenty of fiber to your diet. Vegetables will definitely supply you with much of the daily fiber that you need. Nature grows the required vegetables and fruits suitable for the ... Read article

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