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Government Against Diets

(Submitted by: Darius Mikolajewski )

The Government of the Australian state of Victoria has started a campaign aimed at warning people of the dangers of fad diets. The campaign is believed to be the first of its kind in the world.With Australians second only to the US in both ... Read article

Why Diets DONT Work

(Submitted by: Aaron Potts )

One of the biggest scams ever successfully pulled on the American public is - somewhat appropriately - a 4-letter word. That word is, of course, Diet. By now you have seen advertisements for more diets than you can easily remember, and have also ... Read article

Carb Crazed

(Submitted by: Meri Raffetto )

Low Carb diets have become as popular as apple pie (although apple pie wouldnt be allowed!). Everywhere you go the message is low carb, decrease your carbs, or no carbs. Unfortunately this message oversimplifies many of the healthy eating habits ... Read article

Low Carb Diets - Are They For You?

(Submitted by: Kathryn ONeill )

The revolution is here. Weight Loss as we know it has changed forever because of one diet.One diet that has reached beyond the weight loss program boundaries and invaded areas heretofore unknown: areas like beer commercials and even the ... Read article

Web Page Building for Beginners 2

(Submitted by: Ted Dupuie )

A search engine robot actually reads the wording on your web pages and places a certain amount of importance on what the content says, but not quite like a human does. A human will place the words together in their head and try to decipher the ... Read article

Protein - The Denominator Customary to All Diets

(Submitted by: Jim Duffy )

The Human Body is in a constant flux with the environment. Matter and molecules flow in and out, casting themselves into its complexities. Although the body lends them structure, it is the intakethe dietthat decides its physique. To control what ... Read article

Healthy Eating Habits

(Submitted by: Dawid Michalczyk )

I read a lot about the topics of health and especially diets. I have been experimenting with diets since 1990 and keep journals about my observations. Over time I tried several very different diets - ranging from the politically correct ones to ... Read article

Foods and Diets Litigations

(Submitted by: Laura Ciocan )

Why is that food processing and commerce are not strictly regulated by law so as to prevent health problems generated by an inadequate diet? Unhealthy products encourage an unhealthy diet, appealing the consumer by their availability within reach ... Read article

Exercise and Low Carb Diets Make Poor Partners

(Submitted by: Charles Remington )

Over the last twenty five years the most common questioned asked me by frustrated exercisers, has been what exercise routine will get me the body I desire? My answer is always the same. They need to start exercising better judgement and learn ... Read article

Introduction to Detox Diets

(Submitted by: Ryan Bombard )

Detoxifying the body has become an apparent key preventative measure to all kinds of health problems. Since most of us are busy, and unable or unwilling to maintain a strict diet in order to completely eliminate all the toxins from our body. We ... Read article

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