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How to Generate Ideas for Your Bedroom Design?

Dear friends,

So, you want to design your bedroom. Hmm... looks like you are serious about it.

Lets' get started quickly. whenever I hear someone say he/she wants to design/decorate a bedroom a lot of things come to my mind.

But, let me clear one thing, design and decorating are two different aspects. When I say design, I mean a whole lot bigger perspective. Design includes a lot more maturity in terms of how you perceive a space from within.

Of course I will cover more about design in some other article. Decoration is more close to everyday actions that can be taken in order to change or alter a space. Decoration deals with accessories used in a space. Very small things, such as curtain rods, their color, lampshades, small statues, table cloths, light fittings, are all parts of the detailing.

It is not that design does not deal with these aspects, but decoration is more do-able easily than the whole design process.

If you are not aware of the decoration techniques, or where to start, I will give you a list of some place where you can observe and get inspiration.

1)Of course, the World Wide Web:

this Internet is a good place to start. But the information on the internet is not always compiled and sorted out, the way you want it to be, so you might have to look deep.

2)Local Book stores:

Interior design magazines, books, brochures from furniture manufacturers is a good source of inspiration. These books and magazines do their best to find out Works of successful designers, which can be quite inspiring.


Exhibitions held by manufacturers of interior design products,can be a good source as well.

4)Movies and TV shows:

Yes, these have a very high project budgets, so spend thousands of dollars every year to decorate the sets. Just keep your eyes open and you will definitely find some good themes in these too.

5)Look for hobby groups around in your city, look for seminars of those who are successful artists. Bedroom decoration includes detailing and paying attention to small things. Visit art galleries, where you can find some good paintings, other related artwork, which can enhance the beauty of your space.

Finally I would like to say that it's your room and you are the only person who knows better about your likes and dislikes. So start out immediately because "When There Is Will, There Is A Way".

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

For more powerful concept level thinking of bedroom design visit you will find some good tips on how design is related to humans very closely.

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How to Generate Ideas for Your Bedroom Design?

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