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Senior Health Care Insurance

(Submitted by: William Pritchett )

Health Insurance For Seniors On The NetWhen a good friend of mine inquired where he could obtain information about medical insurance for his out-of-state, elderly mother, I told him to try the Internet.He reported back to me about a ... Read article

Is Pet Health Insurance an Option?

(Submitted by: Peter Lenkefi )

Most pet owners arent aware that health insurance for their loved animals has been available for about 15 years now. However, both the availability and restrictions on most plans have made this type of health insurance out of reach for most pet ... Read article

Student Health Insurance - Is It Necessary?

(Submitted by: Carrie Reeder )

As a young, healthy college student, it might be tempting to forgo the expense of health insurance. After all, you're young, you're careful and you're not sick. You don't really need health insurance, do you?Absolutely, say most colleges. ... Read article

Nutrition Secrets Never Before Revealed

(Submitted by: Rino Soriano )

The topic of nutrition is one that is always present in our lives no matter where we turn. Its on the news, magazine articles, at school, at your doctors office, and even is a major topic for many books.Over the years, there have been many ... Read article

The Critical Difference Between Mens and Womens Health

(Submitted by: Erik Kampe )

Despite a growing body of new women's health research, the idea of equating women and men's health still persist.Fundamentally, a stage is set for simplifying women's health to a point of triggering dangerous health consequences for ... Read article

Important Health Update

(Submitted by: Wayne McDonald )

Staying healthy does NOT start when you get sick, when you refill your prescriptions, when you are scheduled for surgery or when your doctor says you have six months to live. Your health is an important long-term investment and it is wise to have ... Read article

Mens Herbal Health Care Health Enhancement Supplements

(Submitted by: Adam Minsky )

Over recent years, mens herbal health care has become big business. Men are now just as keen as women to enhance life with supplements, vitamin tablets, and various supplements that can aid good health and well being. As a result, there are now a ... Read article

Our Health Report Card

(Submitted by: David Saunders )

Today in the United States we spend over one and a half trillion dollars a year on health care. That represents the highest spending per person in the world. With that entire investmentone would think that Americans are the healthiest people ... Read article

Ocular Nutrition and Eye Health Food

(Submitted by: Olinda Rola )

Understanding ocular nutrition and eye health can be one of the ways to support your vision. As early as in our 30's, our eyes and vision can begin to deteriorate. Wind, dust, chlorine fumes, automobile fumes, smoking, freezing temperatures and ... Read article

What to Look for in Good Health Insurance

(Submitted by: Mike Spencer )

Health insurance is a kind of protection that provides payment of benefits for covered sickness or injury. Included in health insurance are various types of insurance such as accident insurance, disability income insurance, medical expense ... Read article

Long Term Health Care Options

(Submitted by: Peter Lenkefi )

As you grow older, housing may pose more and more of a concern, especially if your health is failing. If you are worried that you may not be able to take care of your basic needs as you age, such as cleaning, cooking, bathing and maintenance, ... Read article

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