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eBay: Dont Believe All the Hype

(Submitted by: Floyd Snyder )

Three billion dollars (thats billion with a "B") in revenues, 135 million users, millionaires all over the place at eBay! Yeah, eBaby!!!, to steal a line form another great author. (See "EBay: No WayYes Way (Ten Seller Themes) by Barbara Snyder M ... Read article

Fundraising Ideas Using eBay

(Submitted by: Suzanne Wouk )

Have you thought of using the online auction site eBay as your next major fundraiser?I have, and it was a huge success!Like many other businesses the fundraising business has seen an incredible change since the internet. Everyday ... Read article

Make Money on eBay the EASY way!

(Submitted by: C Van )

Probably just like you, I had an overwhelming desire to spend more time with my family and friends, doing the things that are important to me and living a comfortable lifestyle without financial worries and yes, less time working to pay for ... Read article

Taxing eBay Part Deux

(Submitted by: Tim Knox )

When my column on paying income tax on eBay profits ran it brought a wave of emails on whether you were required to report income earned from eBay sales to the IRS sparked a number of additional questions and comments from eBay sellers who were ... Read article

eBay The Mega Marketplace For Everyone

(Submitted by: Lori Osenbaugh )

eBay is one of the world's largest market places with over 35 million visitors per day. That first sentence is worth repeating because I want you to realize that eBay gives you the ability to reach a customer base of millions and millions of ... Read article

Start Your Own Business: Sell Things on eBay

(Submitted by: Jon Evans )

The popularity of online auction site eBay has been legendary. With millions of transactions completed daily, it is no surprise why many individuals who do not usually shop online regularly purchase items through eBay. From antique washboards to ... Read article

Turn Your eBay Experience Into Even More Profit

(Submitted by: Mark Kenny )

Everyone's talking about eBay these days. With the frequency of the TV advertising campaigns increasing, and no sign of any sizable competitors the eBay empire is only going to get bigger.Now personally as friends and family hear about ... Read article

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