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Understanding The Value of Expired Domains

(Submitted by: Sidney Parfait )

I would like to explain a few things related to expired domains in a definition format, which should make it easy to understand.What are expired domains? Expired domains are domain names that have been registered and the owner ... Read article

Domain Names Explained

(Submitted by: Allan Burns )

If you are totally new to the internet then you may not realize that the web address you type into your browser is known as a domain name. A domain name is an easy way for humans to understand and navigate the internet.A domain name is a ... Read article

How Do I Buy a Domain Name?

(Submitted by: Dave Taylor )

Q: I'd like to buy a domain, but I discovered that it's already registered by a bulk domain buying company (just check I tried to contact them but I have received no answer.Do you know how much these companies charge in ... Read article

Domain Name: Why Do You Need One Anyway?

(Submitted by: Joe Duchesne )

I come across sites all the time that are obviously hosted for free. Why obviously? Because they have no domain. Having no domain can cost you big time.You have taken the time to put together a great website. You have collected pictures, ... Read article

The Domain Name Gold Rush

(Submitted by: Lois S. )

All the good ones are taken. The really good ones, that is. But they dont always stay taken.Domain names often come back onto the market. Even before they do, domain name prospectors are sifting through them to find the gold domains among ... Read article

How To Sell A Website Fast

(Submitted by: Manny Avedissian )

Dear Website Owner,If you have an existing website or domain name you no longer need and wish to sell it to an interested buyer for a one-time profit, or if you?re a speculator looking to build a steady source of revenue by buying and ... Read article

Selling a Domain Name via Sedo

(Submitted by: Helen Sherritt )

Selling a Domain Name via SedoThis is a recent example of our experience selling a domain name via Sedo. If you are new to domains or Sedo this will give you a guide on the process and the time scales involved ... Read article

Choosing A Domain Name

(Submitted by: Lester Boey )

--About Domain Names--Choosing a domain name for your web site is a major step for any individual or organization. You need domain names that are sticky, short, meaningful, easy to remember and at the roll of your tongue!It is very ... Read article

The Sub-Domain - An Affiliates Friend

(Submitted by: Stephen Brennan )

Its surprising, at least to me, the amount of Affiliates who arent aware of the value and flexibility that the sub-domain can give their promotional website activities. Set up in the right way, a single domain through a host who includes multiple ... Read article

The Power of Domain Names in Marketing

(Submitted by: Linda Miller )

Purchasing your own domain is inexpensive and very effective for any kind of marketing campaign online or offline.You should be able to purchase a domain and redirect it from the same place at no additional cost. Their is no reason to ... Read article

A Winning Domain Name

(Submitted by: Debra Gravelle )

The domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when trying to win over the search engine dilemma. Try using at least one of your best keywords within your domain name.The search engine and the directories give higher ... Read article

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