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VoIP Overview

(Submitted by: Meryl K. Evans )

Since we're using computers all the time to do our work, let's make it easy and add the phone to the pile. VoIP also known as (voice over Internet protocol), Internet telephony, IP telephony, and Internet voice is catching on and is expected to ... Read article

What Is VOIP?

(Submitted by: Jean Sutherland )

Confused about VOIP? Join the crowd. It's not as difficult as it sounds and we are going to make VOIP simple for the average person.VOIP simply means Voice Over Internet Protocol. Now you don't need to know anything about the protocol so ... Read article

VoIP - What is the Problem?

(Submitted by: E. B. Randall )

In the beginning, when the Internet Protocol was first designed, no one was thinking about the possibilities of sending audio and video. Real time communication was not an issue.Perhaps the greatest single problem is that the Internet ... Read article

Should You ,VoIP?

(Submitted by: Matthew Keegan )

My friend in Florida, Samuel, called me last week and immediately I noticed a difference in the sound quality compared to our usual conversations. At first, I dismissed it, thinking he was calling me from his cell phone. Five minutes into the ... Read article

VoIP Telephony Basics

(Submitted by: Jeremy Maddock )

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Telephony is the process of routing voice conversations over an Internet Protocol network, rather than through traditional circuit-switched telephone lines. The voice information is converted into digital data ... Read article

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