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VoIP is Less Taxing than Traditional Telephone Service

(Submitted by: Chris Landry )

When it comes to VoIP Broadband Telephone service, there are many benefits. Unlimited local and long distance calling, included features such as CallerID, Call Waiting, Find Me/Follow Me, etc., and reduced costs. Many people overlook one thing ... Read article

Conducting a Voice Over IP Readiness Assessment

(Submitted by: Karen Thatcher )

2005 is predicted to be the year of voice over IP (VoIP) solutions for a growing number of corporate enterprises - both large and small.If you have been considering the benefits of implementing VoIP, you are certainly not alone. In its ... Read article

Voice over IP (VoIP) Features

(Submitted by: Jason Morris )

Because with VOIP you can make calls from anywhere you have access to a broadband connection, users can take their IP phones or ATAs with them on trips and still have access to what is essentially their home phone.Some people use a ... Read article

VoIP: Finally Worth a Look

(Submitted by: Syed Akram )

Dear Internet Friends, Hundreds of thousands of consumers collectively save millions of dollars each month by replacing (or supplementing) their traditional telephone service with personal voice over IP (VoIP) telephony. Using IP ... Read article

VoIP in the Home

(Submitted by: Mike Bromley )

VoIP is set to revolutionise home communications. With VoIP you can make telephone calls over your broadband connection for free! Well in some cases you can, in other cases you might need to pay a monthly subscription to a VoIP service provider ... Read article

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