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Treadmills Keep On Running

(Submitted by: Martin Smith )

There are benefits to the use of treadmills as part of your exercise program. A treadmill provides a wonderful cardiovascular workout for your heart, your lungs, and your circulation. There is low impact on your joints, which makes it easier and ... Read article

Star Trac TR4500HR Treadmill - A Review

(Submitted by: Keith Thompson )

When you're searching for a treadmill for your home or club, you'll find Star Trac treadmills at the top of your shopping list, and for good reason. StarTrac has garnered a reputation for quality and superior machines since their appearance on ... Read article

A Guide To Finding Refurbished Treadmills

(Submitted by: Bob Hett )

A treadmill is a great way to get in shape or stay in shape. While many people go to the gym to use their treadmills, it makes sense to have one at home, too. But if you want a top of the line treadmill, you are going to have to pay top of the ... Read article

Treadmill vs. Elliptical -- Whos In The Lead?

(Submitted by: Rich Rojas )

See ya later stationary bikes and row, row, rowing to no where!Elliptical trainers have over taken stationary bikes in popularity with the gym-going population and have long since left rowing machines back at the dock. This is ... Read article

Try A Landice Treadmill

(Submitted by: Tim Gorman )

Landice treadmills receive rave reviews from consumers and exercise magazines. Landice treadmills are highly rated in consumer guides and are popular with those who work out at health clubs.Why are Landice treadmills so highly rated? ... Read article

Epic t60 treadmill

(Submitted by: Steve Ecclestone )

The Epic T60 Treadmill - Putting New Limits On EconomyThe Epic T60 Treadmill is made exclusively for Costco, the discount retailer. It sports useful and desirable features for the home gym and for general fitness training, yet is often ... Read article

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