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7 Proven Ways to Resist the Urge to Smoke

(Submitted by: Arina Nikitina )

When you decide to stop smoking the most difficult part is to resist the urges. It doesn't matter that each craving lasts only 3-5 minutes. It's still the whole 5 minutes to battle with your willpower! These 7 tips will help you to resist the ... Read article

The Mechanics & Effects of Smoking

(Submitted by: Sean Riain )

So exactly what does happen when you smoke?Every puff on your cigarette delivers, via the lungs to the brain a small dose of nicotine that actually acts more rapidly than a dose of heroin an addict may inject into his veins.Because ... Read article

Tobacco Hypnosis: Cigarettes Are My Friend

(Submitted by: Mark Barrus )

Practicing hypnotherapists hear many peculiar statements from smokers who ask for help in quitting. The idea that cigarettes could be someone's "friend" is just one of them. One man believed that he couldn't write music unless he was smoking. ... Read article

How Second Hand Smoke Threatens Your Health

(Submitted by: Alex Fir )

Secondhand smoke or ETS is a combination of side stream smoke coming straight from the burning tobacco and the mainstream smoke that is exhaled by the smoker. It comprises of over 4000 chemical constituents, a large proportion of which are the ... Read article






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