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A Psychological Approach To Quit Smoking

(Submitted by: Terje Ellingsen )

Smoking habits in most cases have to do with psychological addiction. It is not the lack of nicotine that represents the hardest obstacle to quit smoking. Though overcoming the physical cravings for nicotine can be difficult, overcoming ... Read article

Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

(Submitted by: Stephen Todd )

You have seen and heard the warnings. You know what smoking is doing to your lungs. Perhaps you have tried to quit smoking before, but the gum tastes bad and no matter how hard you tried you just cant pretend that the inhaler is a smoke. Youve ... Read article

What Happens when You Stop Smoking?

(Submitted by: Mark Barrus )

The benefit timelineThis timeline shows when the benefits of stopping smoking will come through after your final cigarette.20 minutes, 8 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 2-21 weeks, 1 year, 10 years, 15 years20 minutes after ... Read article

Quitting Smoking: Planning To Succeed With Zyban!

(Submitted by: Ian Mason )

Step One: The Big DecisionOne of the most frustrating things about deciding to quit smoking can be peoples reactions: Well, its about time! or It was a filthy habit, why didnt you quit sooner? But as anyone who has been using ... Read article

Advice - How to Quit Smoking - Part 1

(Submitted by: Tyler D Falls )

Nicotine is an addictive drug found in tobacco.The first part of this article is my personal opinion, please do not become offended.We all know the harmful long term and short term side effects of tobacco. Tobacco ... Read article

Heart Disease and Smoking

(Submitted by: Kevin W Davies )

About 12.6 million Americans currently have heart disease.1.1 million Americans will experience a serious heart event this year.One in four Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease. Every 34 seconds one American will die ... Read article

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