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How and Why to Quit Smoking

(Submitted by: Frank Vanderlugt )

Why and how you should quit smoking53 years ago I had a friend and she was a girl.(not an official Girlfriend).Her mom smoked and worked during the day so daughter used to pinch her smokes and shared them with me. Both my parents ... Read article

The Frightening But True Facts About Smoking

(Submitted by: Judy Brown )

If you think that smoking is a harmless little hobby and all the people harping on you to quit are overreactors, think again. Smoking is the number ONE preventable cause of premature death and morbidity in America. There is nothing more dangerous ... Read article

Stopping Smoking? Consider Hypnosis!

(Submitted by: Matt Godson )

Nicotine Replacement Patches? Gum? Pills? There are many stop smoking "products" on the market that you can choose. So why should you consider hypnosis?1) Hypnosis is a "process", not a "product"Hypnosis permanently changes your ... Read article

Using Water to Help Quit Smoking

(Submitted by: Jim Huffman )

Stopping smoking is not easy. Ask anyone who has quit. And the problem is that once youve quit, youre not over it! The craving continues: some folks who have been quit for 15 years say they would still like to have one.But since youre ... Read article

Cough,...Snort...Spit... Smoking is STILL the Problem

(Submitted by: DiAnne Arnette, M.Ed. )

SMOKING IS STILL THE PROBLEM that is plaguing our homes, schools, workplaces, and our environment. It increases our cost of health care, reduces our lives, and creates health problems for non-smoking members of our families or co-workers. In ... Read article

Smoking During Pregnancy

(Submitted by: Beverley Brooke )

If you have been drinking up until the point when you become pregnant or smoking it is also vital that you stop doing so immediately. Many women worry that they consumed a few alcoholic drinks prior to learning they were pregnant. If you are ... Read article

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