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Using Water to Help Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is not easy. Ask anyone who has quit. And the problem is that once youve quit, youre not over it! The craving continues: some folks who have been quit for 15 years say they would still like to have one.

But since youre reading this section, Im guessing you know all of this. Because if you didnt smoke, you would have probably skipped over it. And youre thinking, I know its hard to quit -- just give me something that will help me quit!

The good news is that water will also help you get over some of the tough cravings ... especially the first few days and weeks after youve quit.

The longer youve been smoking, the more your body has become accustomed to nicotine, which is a powerful drug. Part of the difficulty with stopping smoking is that the body is still craving it. But the flip side to quitting is that youre body is getting rid of some powerful toxins. Thats the cause of the headaches a lot of folks have in the days and weeks after theyve quit.

Water -- lots and lots of water -- helps the body to get rid of those poisons, and allows your tissues and organs to regenerate themselves. When youre quitting smoking, its not unreasonable to think that you might want to double your water intake. Thats right -- if youre normally going to be drinking 20 glasses a day, drink 40 instead.

Now 40 glasses is a lot of water, and you may find it difficult to drink that much. Thats OK, but it wouldnt hurt to aim that high. Just keep drinking a lot, and allow your body to get healthy again. Use those cigarette cravings as an opportunity to have another glass of water. If you slip, and have a cigarette, dont beat yourself up. Just immediately drink 5 or 6 glasses of water to flush out the new toxins, and get right back into your new habit of not smoking.

And whatever you do, dont give up! Youre too valuable to lose to tobacco!

Jim Huffman, RN specializes in natural and alternative healing therapies. His first book is 'Dare to Be Free: How to Get Control of Your Time, Your Life, and Your Nursing Career,' and is aimed at helping other nurses find satisfying, dynamic careers. His website is and his health blog is at

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