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Stop Smoking Without Weight Gain

OH: Stand outside during a smoke break and it wont be long until you hear every smoker begin to declare that he or she knows quitting is inevitable. The increasing cost of cigarettes alone has made a financial impact on the smoker.

I quit, then I gained 20 pounds. I cant afford to gain weight with my medical history, so I started smoking again, Leslie B. from Canton Ohio revealed during the smoke break outside the local hospital where she works as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Leslie is an intelligent person and shes aware that smoking is indeed far more of a risk to her health than the doctors order to keep her weight off, however, right now today, the harm of smoking is not as physically apparent as the harm in her weight gain.

The habit and addiction of smoking is undeniable. One of the all-encompassing hurdles to overcome is the need for hand to mouth pacification. Many smoking cessation programs encourage smokers to replace that need to pick up a smoke with eating candy, carrots, celery anything that would appease the urge to pick up something and put it in your mouth.

This advice, though logical on the surface, is not good advice for the person with the challenge of weight control. Lets face it, anything you can put in your mouth, must be edible (with the exception of course of cigarettes, which is not an edible product) and could lead to weight gain.

Most smoking cessation programs and products do very little to settle the nerves. When a person is trying to quit smoking and at the same time, trying to refrain from overeating the nervousness, the jitters, the crabbiness, will drive a person to either eat or smoke.

Tony Latina, owner of Advanced Laser Solutions, located in Garfield Heights Ohio now offers the same low-level laser therapy for those that want to loose or control their weight. Tony said, The same principles apply, we use the painless low-level laser treatments and target the points in the body to increase endorphins. This allows a person to remain calm and removes cravings.

Yes! You can quit smoking and you can accomplish this without weight gain! Advanced Laser Solutions has helped hundreds of smokers quit for good from all over the tri-state area. Contact Advanced Laser Solutions by phoning 216-663-0766 or by visiting

If you offer a product, resource or service for the senior citizen or their adult children (baby-boomers) and would like to become a Certified Senior Approved Service like Advanced Laser Solutions the see

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