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Cough,...Snort...Spit... Smoking is STILL the Problem

SMOKING IS STILL THE PROBLEM that is plaguing our homes, schools, workplaces, and our environment. It increases our cost of health care, reduces our lives, and creates health problems for non-smoking members of our families or co-workers. In addition, a fact that is rarely mentioned, the psychological issues that are attached to the addictions of tobacco products are many. In short this problem, while still mainly an individual and family matter, is one that is impacting the quality of life all over the world.

Statistics show that smoking is still on the increase in our schools. Adults, even when encouraged to stop the habit by physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals, have less than a 50% chance of stopping their habits. Again, certainly the physical addiction is strong, but the psychological addiction may be the strongest reason for the failure to stop.

The monetary costs of a pack of cigarettes or a tin of smokeless tobacco have risen to a range of $3.50 to $6.00. Do the math. You can see what the cost is in dollars to a family with maybe 2 smokers. (Very often there is more than one smoker in a family.) Just one pack a day at $4.00 times 365 days equals $1460 per year. Multiply that by 2,3 or more people in a family and they could have lived in a much nicer home, driven a nice, new car, or paid the tuition for a child. This line of thought can continue forever.

There are products at most home improvement centers that must have been developed with smokers in mind. Ash trays that cover the ashes, air purifiers that clean

Now enters the new idea, most recently in the news this spring. Companies are exercising the right to dictate that their employees cannot smoke on the job or at work. Now it gets sticky...a company decided that it would not allow smoking either on or off the job. They do not want to insure smokers and as a cost cutting method like purchasing any other product, they feel justified in eliminating anyone from their company who is a smoker. This idea was discussed time and time again on the talk shows across America recently. Whether or not it is impeding U.S. citizen's rights, it is being tested. And, the truth is, SMOKING is a big problem.

So what are the possible answers? As a counselor working with psychiatric patients for more than 10 years, I have observed the addiction cycles and how they are integrated with all other aspects of personality. I have observed patients using patches, gums, other drugs, counseling, hypnosis, and cold turkey methods. Some of these work for some of the people, but non have worked for all easily. About 10 years ago, I developed a program and have tested it with friends, coworkers, and clients in counseling. I would be the last to say that it is magic. But the reality is that this program has gotten a very positive response from 90% of all who have used it.

The Multiple Factor 24/48/72 Stop Smoking Program is the program and it is rooted in Behavior Theory. The smoker did not learn to like cigarettes the first try, but rather learned to like them. This program teaches the smoker to not like and not depend on cigarettes over time. It works in a gradual way and lets the client be in charge of the time it takes to quit. I developed the program to include most of the positive features of many methods to overcome addiction. While I am still testing the program and making a few changes, it is almost ready for marketing to groups, individuals, and corporations who may want to use it as incentives for employees.

It is my deepest desire to make a real difference on this issue and to help our world become a healthier place for all.

My website is under construction, but contact information is available. or email me at

DiAnne Arnette, M.Ed. is a well known counselor and speaker on subjects of self improvement and women's issues. She developed a women's in patient program for helping women overcome abuse issues, and addictions. She also writes a column JUST THINK ABOUT IT! which addresses a wide variety of societal issues worth considering. As a Licensed counselor in Individual, Couples, and Addictions counseling, Ms Arnette has worked with a wide range of issues. She is a graduate of the Univeristy of Oklahoma and Texas Christian University and has attended University of Texas at Denton.

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