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Remote Deployment of Surveillance Spyware Software

Contrary to popular belief computer users are at a great risk of being invaded by spyware and other surveillance software from remote areas. Normally, people were unconcerned with surveillance software because it was assumed it could only be installed with physical access. Several surveillance software and spyware providers are now advertising remote deployment software that can be installed from any computer anywhere and the information collected from the subject is sent back to the intruders computer.

Spyware or surveillance software can easily be slipped into someones computer through and email attachment, greeting card or simply by visiting a web site. Instead of destroying a computers hardware as do Trojans and viruses, surveillance software works silently through the computer to gather personal information to send to a third party. Many users have thought in the past that such software could not be installed without physical access but remote deployment spyware is on the rise.

Remote deployment of surveillance software through email works by sending an attachment that often looks like a screen saver and once it is opened the user is immediately infected. Surveillance software is remotely deployed through web sites by the browser displaying a message and if the user accepts, the ActiveX control is activated which contains spyware. Snoops also send surveillance software through greeting cards. The intruder sends an e-card and when the user views the card they are inadvertently infected with spyware.

These methods of remotely installing spyware onto someones computer work well because users are unaware that the installation is possible without physical access. Firewalls, anti-virus and adware scanners are incapable of detecting and removing these surveillance applications. To rid your computer of the spyware you must download a tool designed specifically for detecting and removing surveillance software.

Mitch Johnson is a successful freelance author that writes regularly for http://www.1st-in-remove-spyware.com/, a site that focuses primarily on spyware detection software, as well as tips on how to avoid spyware from popping up on your computer. His articles have also been featured on related spyware sites such as, http://www.best-in-spyware-detection.com/ as well as http://www.best-sypware-removal-reviews.com/

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