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7 Essential SEO techniques

(Submitted by: Scott Fish )

1) Title Tag When were talking about SEO Technique, the Title tag is one of the best and most powerful tags that you can use. Every page should have its own title tag, each tag should include the keyword that you are targeting, along with ... Read article

Branding Versus SEO

(Submitted by: Kevin Kantola )

Branding versus search engine optimization is a marketing dilemma that larger companies will need to come to grips with on the Internet. Often companies will need to decide whether to promote their own brand name as their main keyword phrase or ... Read article

SEO Expert Guide - Page Optimization (part 5/10)

(Submitted by: David Viney )

In parts 1 - 4 you learnt how to develop your online business proposition, generate a list of key words and optimize at a site level. You were also introduced to our mythical Doug (who sells antique doors, door handles, knockers, door bells or ... Read article










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