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For those seeking to buy their first flat panel TV display device, it is easy to be confused with conflicting and counter claims by different interest parties. So what is the truth in the competition between LCD and Plasma TV? Here's are some pointers before you rush out and buy your flat panel TV on impulse . Just consider and keep them in mind when choosing.

Actually, both types of technologies have their pros and cons. Let's start with various factors.

Picture Quality
Plasma TVs have better contrast ratios and show better blacks than an LCD TV. That means in a dark scene, you are able to see images more clearly defined. This is because in LCD technology, liquid crystals are unable to shut off all the light completely due to the presence of the backlight resulting in light leakage and therefore it is impossible to get absolute black.

I understand plasma TVs are able to produce better color saturation than LCD TVs. Generally, the native resolution of LCD TVs are higher than that of plasma TVs so you may get greater details when watching your programs especially in high definition video sources.

Screen Size
If you looking for a really big screen, then you have to go for plasma TV as they are available in sizes up to 60 inches. LCD TV on the hand come in maximum sizes of up to 40 inches. If you compare prices on both technologies for the same screen size, you will also realise LCD TVs are more expensive.

Life span

You may also want to factor how long your new display device can last. LCD TVs have a greater life span than plasma TV. They have a life span of 60,000 hours compared to about 30,000 hours for plasma TVs.

Power consumption
Again LCD TV have this advantage over plasma TV. Power consumption for LCD TV is 30% less than plasma TV. With rising oil prices, maybe it is better to get an LCD TV. Further more, plasma TV generate more heat and if you live in an airconditioned home, the air con usage will definitely rise too.

Viewing Angle
If you are going to invite many guest to your homes, a plasma screen will do better. It has a wider viewing angle than LCD TV. Guests can easily view on either left or right side of the Plasma screen without fear of the loss of image which is inherent of LCD TVs.

Response Time
If you enjoy action movies or sport programmes, plasma TV offer a better deal as it can handle fast moving images better than LCD TVs. Traditionally, Viewers see a blurry moving images for LCD TV . However, this may no longer be the case as the response time for LCD TV has come down to as low as 12 milliseconds.

Burn in effect
Plasma TV suffers from this particular effect called burn in. You get a permanent ghost like image stuck on your screen. This is the result when you have static display over a long period of time.

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