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The two newest technologies in the world of TV are plasma and LCD. Plasma, the most recent technology, has been quickly coming down in price in the last couple of years, and is now relatively affordable. Currently, a 42-inch plasma display sells for approximately $2500, with cheaper and smaller versions available. LCD, or liquid crystal display, TVs have only recently taken off, and are currently more expensive than plasma. LCD technology, however, has existed for quite some time; it has been used in laptop computer screens for over a decade. Not until recently have larger versions of the LCD screen been produced. As larger LCD screen become available, along with decreasing prices, LCD becomes a much stronger plasma competitor.

The LCD screen has several benefits over plasma. For instance, LCD screens run much cooler than the average plasma TV, and thus require less power to operate. Plasma TVs run so hot, in fact, that they require a fan to cool them down which can be noisy. In addition, plasma screens have a tendency to degrade over time, slowly becoming dimmer. LCD screens, on the other hand, run relatively cool, and do not degrade over time. Some Plasma owners, who have used their TVs for a few years now, have already witnessed the dimming of their screens. Also, LCD screens tend to have overall better picture quality, and are typically 10 to 15 percent lighter than plasma.

Thus, it seems that although Plasma has been the best selling of the two technologies up to this time, there is likely to soon be a trend in the opposite direction. The only obvious downside to LCD is currently its high price. Comparatively, LCD is twice as expensive has Plasma. However, as the price of LCD technology comes down, it is likely to be the overwhelming choice of flat-screen TV consumers.

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