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The Principles Of Attachment Parenting

You may or may not be familiar with the term "attachment parenting". You could instead say Instinctive Parenting, Continuum Parenting or Natural Parenting, but the same principles are involved no matter which name you choose. There are some basic principles that are common to this style of parenting. If you are exploring the possibilities and would like additional information about attachment parenting, here is a basic outline of the principles involved:

Be informed and educate yourself about birthing options and choose the method that is as free of intervention as possible. You will want to use the first hours after your baby's birth to bond with your baby in your room rather than sending the baby to the nursery. You should understand that a baby will not be spoiled or become overly demanding if you respond to your baby's cries whenever he or she needs or wants you to. Following a strict feeding schedule is not a principle of attachment parenting. You will have the desire to breastfeed whenever your baby asks for a minimum of six months. Solid foods can be introduced after this time, but you will understand that breastfeeding can continue for well over a year.

Attachment parenting uses mild discipline methods and avoids all physical or emotional punishment, such as inflicting shame on a child for inappropriate behavior. Children are encouraged and allowed to sleep with their parents, and you treat your bed as the family bed. Meeting your child's needs according to the child's time frame during the early years of development is an essential part of attachment parenting. Children will be allowed to grow and learn at their own pace and not according to standard time frames.

If you agree with these basic principles, then Attachment Parenting could be right for you. Listen to your inner feelings and you will be able to decide what type of parent you want to be.

Jennifer Houck is a proud attachment mom to two beautiful girls. Be sure to visit her at and

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