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Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance

(Submitted by: Peter Wise )

Life insurance is a type of protection that can be bought and insures the buyer in the event of death. The risk that is assumed by the insurer is the risk of death of the insured. Life insurance is a very good purchase in order to protect a ... Read article

Talking to Your Parents About Insurance

(Submitted by: John Machmiller )

Who can you talk to about auto insurance? Insurance agents are a good source. However, due to their life lessons, their love, and their own financial responsibility, parents are an invaluable source to talk to about auto insurance.Auto ... Read article

Guide to Life Insurance Terms

(Submitted by: John Mussi )

Listed below is a useful guide to life insurance terms. It is a list of definitions of life insurance terms that may or may not be familiar to you.Accelerated Benefit ProvisionA provision in many new policies which will allow the ... Read article

Life Insurance Settlement

(Submitted by: Grant Shellhammer )

A new financial tool is now available for senior citizens. Life Insurance Settlements are quickly becoming a way for seniors to receive money from an under performing or costly life insurance policy.A life insurance settlement is the sale ... Read article

Group Term Life Insurance and the Options Available

(Submitted by: Brad Triggs )

Group term life insurance is more affordable than individual life insurance policies because the costs to the insurer are lower. They have less paperwork to handle, and are guaranteed multiple accounts from one sale - which is their incentive for ... Read article

Tips for First Time Insurance Buyers

(Submitted by: John Machmiller )

The are many scary things in this world. Buying insurance for your first time should not be one of them. In the next few paragraphs, I will offer some tips which will hopefully remove the fear of first time auto insurance buying.First, you ... Read article

Finding Term Life Insurance Online

(Submitted by: Neil Willner )

What exactly is Term Life Insurance?Term life is a form of life insurance where youre covered for a number of years - the number of years is called the term. Term life insurance policies can be for as long as 30 years or for 20 years, 15, ... Read article

Life Insurance Benefits

(Submitted by: Tim Gorman )

Life Insurance is a legal contract between you and a life insurance company with the purpose of providing an income to spouse, children or other beneficiaries in the event of your death.There are two different categories of Life Insurance. ... Read article

Life Insurance Do You Need It?

(Submitted by: Vickie Scanlon )

Many people are skittish about life insurance, because they feel that it is useless, or it makes them face their mortality, or they may arrogantly think that they wont die. But let me reassure you, life insurance is not only useful, but also ... Read article

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