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A Guide to Interior Shutters

Weve all heard of exterior shutters. We see them on houses in every town in the country. Their warmth and beauty welcome us home after a long, tiring day. Many have never heard of interior shutters, though. Shutters inside the home can be just as warm, beautiful -- and functional.

Interior shutters can be used inside a window in place of blinds. These offer both privacy and shade. In fact, some interior window shutters can help you save money on your energy bills. They are great in rooms that receive direct sunlight for much of the day. Additionally they look nicer and last longer than cheap mini-blinds.

Installation is relatively easy, and few tools are needed. If you prefer, many companies offer installation at an additional price. Contractors can also be hired to install interior shutters.

Interior shutters are available in either wood or vinyl. Experts say that vinyl is better for those desiring a painted look while wood is best for customers wanting a stained look. Wood shutters are available in most types of wood, from cedar to oak. Vinyl shutters are available in a variety of colors, but white is the most popular. Both traditional and plantation shutters are available.

Shutters are available in stock sizes or custom sizes. Naturally, stock sizes will be less expensive. Custom ordered shutters would offer more choices and flexibility. In historic or landmark areas, companies will even offer historically accurate shutters. This maintains the integrity of homes in protected landmark areas.

Shutters can be used in other areas beside windows. Some people use shutters on louver doors separating rooms within the house. This allows a certain level of privacy without completely shutting off the room. It also offers a unique decorating opportunity.

Interior shutters offer many advantages, including privacy, shade, and dcor. For a unique and classy window cover or room divider, consider installing interior shutters.

Shutters Info provides detailed information about exterior, interior, plantation, hurricane, wood, vinyl, custom, and traditional shutters. Shutters Info is the sister site of Roman Shades Web.

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