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Often many Anxiety sufferers report having difficulties sleeping, or wake up easily through-out the night.

I was no exception to this rule. And when I suffered with it, I was living in a household of 7 others. But here is a few tips you can try that I found worked for me.

Exercise - I don't recommend doing this a few hours before you go to bed, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. But if you do this earlier on towards the day, it will help burn up some of your energy.

Don't go to bed until you are actually tired

Read a book that you have read before. Something light hearted, not action or thriller. Those will more then likely keep you awake. I often keep a magazine beside my bed that I've read before, and re-read one of the articles.

When lying in bed, think of something really boring. And no, thinking of your bills will not cut it that will likely in turn increase your anxiety and keep you awake longer. As odd as this may sound, I have found thinking of tree leaves dead boring and drifts me off to the land of nod (in other words sleep) quickly.

Try to visualize something peaceful. Take your mind into a land that you love, whether that be out in the country, at the ocean, in the mountains. Its the place you feel happiest and at peace. Not energized and ready for action.

You should try avoiding Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine before going to bed. These are stimulates and will keep you awake longer.

Joanne King -

About the Author - Joanne King is a former sufferer of Anxiety & Panic Attacks. She is the author of "How to Overcome Anxiety & Panic Attacks". She has helped other sufferers Worldwide to eliminate their Anxiety & Panic attacks.

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