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Unlocking the Myth of Hypnotic Communication

(Submitted by: Don Price )

Unquestionably when the word hypnosis pops-up in a conversation or in the mainstream press, nostrils flair, minds conjure up strong reactions of parlor tricks and pictures of late night scary movies where starry-eyed maidens are seduced to carry ... Read article

The Secrets Behind Hypnotic Selling

(Submitted by: Oz Merchant )

Hypnosis has been a taboo word for far too long. And many people see it in a mystical light. Yet what they do not realize is that hypnosis is a naturally occurring state experienced by everyone every single day. And it is only in recent times, ... Read article

Boost Self Confidence Through Hypnotherapy

(Submitted by: Stephen Todd )

What is self confidence and how do you get it? The compact oxford english dictionary is simple in its definition: "a feeling of trust in ones abilities, qualities, and judgment". A positive sense of self confidence is more than just believing in ... Read article

Hypnotherapy as a Treatment for IBS

(Submitted by: Sophie Lee )

Hypnotherapy is one of the best known and most widely used treatments for IBS, and can offer sufferers a drug-free solution to their symptoms of diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain and bloating.There are now many hundreds of ... Read article




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