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Self Hypnosis Cds - Subliminals

(Submitted by: Steven Harold )

Sometimes, on a self hypnosis recording a subliminal element will be included to increase the power of that recording.A subliminal element is something which according to Collins dictionary is "below the threshold of consciousness". In ... Read article

Self Hypnosis Cds - Whisper Subliminals

(Submitted by: Steven Harold )

In the last article I discussed the concept of subliminal elements that can be included with self hypnosis cds. In this article, I want to describe a special type of subliminal persuasion, namely the whisper subliminal.Duncan McColl ... Read article

Diabetes and Depression: Can Hypnosis Help?

(Submitted by: Devin Hastings )

Discussed in this article: 1) The Quiet Crisis Within Diabetes. 2) A Hidden Danger of Diabetes. 3) Are Physicians Aware Of This Danger? 4) Does Depression Cause Diabetes? 5) The Formation of Depression Post-Hypnotic ... Read article

Hypnosis Way of General Indications of Deceit

(Submitted by: Joseph Then )

When the subject is changed, hes in a better, more relaxed mood. The guilty wants the subject changed; the innocent always wants a further exchange of information. He does not become indignant when falsely accused. While he is being ... Read article

Trichotillomania Hypnosis - An End to Hair Pulling

(Submitted by: Anne Thornton-Patterson )

There is a split in the medical world as to whether trichotillomania is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or an impulse disorder. However, what ever it is classified as, about 2% of the population know it causes them a great deal of distress ... Read article

Ethical Guidelines For Hypnotherapy

(Submitted by: Simon Duff )

The study of ethics concerns moral choices, generally in the areas of relationships, agreements between parties, intentions, and possible outcomes. In practice this starts as the observation of the moral choices people make and the reasons given ... Read article

Tobacco Hypnosis: Cigarettes Are My Friend

(Submitted by: Mark Barrus )

Practicing hypnotherapists hear many peculiar statements from smokers who ask for help in quitting. The idea that cigarettes could be someone's "friend" is just one of them. One man believed that he couldn't write music unless he was smoking. ... Read article

Fear and Anxiety: They Are No Match For Hypnosis

(Submitted by: Stephen Todd )

Many people struggle each day with fear and anxiety. Were not talking about being afraid that you didnt pass your last test or anxiety over a job interview. Anxiety and fear become deep rooted elements of a persons life and can create havoc in ... Read article

Alcoholism, Alcoholics - Hypnosis CD for Alcohol Abuse

(Submitted by: Steven Harold )

Many people suffering from stress or excess worry will turn to an alcoholic drink to help calm their nerves and provide some feelings of relaxation. There is no doubt that alcohol does have a relaxing effect when taken in moderate amounts ... Read article

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