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A Look at Male Hair Loss

(Submitted by: Josh Riverside )

At a research study held in a university in Norfolk, Virginia, it was found that 84 percent of men suffering from hair loss were preoccupied with the loss. They described feelings of helplessness, vulnerability, and jealousy of men with full, ... Read article

Dont Lose Hair Because Of Poor Grooming

(Submitted by: Richard Mitchell )

One of the most common reasons why men and women lose their hair is due to poor cosmetic grooming. The unfortunate thing about this is the fact it is so preventable. Fortunately there are some steps you can take to put right some of the damage ... Read article

What Causes Hair Loss?

(Submitted by: David Chandler )

Hair loss is a common problem faced by many people all around the world. There are various reasons behind hair loss. Let us look at some of the major causes and their remedies:Hormonal problems may cause hair loss. If your thyroid gland ... Read article

Hair Loss Remedy

(Submitted by: Darryl Chew )

Diet, Nutrition, and Hair LossOne key factor in maintaining a growing protein on a part of ones biological body is obvious: one must maintain a healthy diet. Although certain factors have been definitely identified as contributors to hair ... Read article

Common Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

(Submitted by: Richard Mitchell )

Much has been said and written about modern day hair loss treatments but this tends to relate almost exclusively to men. Do these same treatments offer solutions to women suffering from hair loss or is there a completely different category of ... Read article

Common Hair Mistakes

(Submitted by: Savio Joseph )

1. NOT TRIMMING YOUR HAIR EVERY 6 WEEKS.The tip of each hair is weaker then the root, making it more vulnerable to breakage and split ends. Having the tips trimmed every 6 weeks helps to maintain the condition of your hair and its style ... Read article

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