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Hair Loss Types and Treatments

(Submitted by: Ofer Tirosh )

Doctors distinguish between different types of hair loss. The male pattern hair loss is totally different from Alopecia Areata.Male pattern hair loss (also known as common baldness, male pattern baldness or permanent pattern baldness) is ... Read article

Homemade Hair Dressing to Naturally Grow Your Hair

(Submitted by: Adrianne Geyer )

There's plenty you can do to hang on to what hair you have and encourage healthy regrowth without spending an arm and a leg for it. You can start by taking a look in your very own kitchen. If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, apply a ... Read article

Six Causes of Hair Loss In Women

(Submitted by: Mike Jones )

Six Causes of Hair Loss In Women are:#1.Hair loss in women is often connected to pregnancy. Three to six months after delivering a child, many women notice a degree of hair loss as the hair goes into a resting phase because of the ... Read article

After WLS: Silica Vitamin Helps Slow Hair Loss

(Submitted by: Kaye Bailey )

The question of hair loss comes up all the time in the LivingAfterWLS community. Is there anything we can do to prevent hair loss or at least decrease the severity of it?Some bariatric centers say there is nothing to be done, that patients ... Read article

Natural Hair Loss Remedies

(Submitted by: Priya Shah )

Fact: There is no sure-fire way to prevent all hair loss. However, some methods that have been used work on some people. Here are some suggestions for natural remedies to hair loss. Massage Massaging the ... Read article

Hair Loss In Men - The Contributing Factors

(Submitted by: Mike Jones )

With hair loss in men, hair at the temples recedes and the crown can also begin to thin.Eventually a horse shoe pattern around the sides of the head appears.The main signs of hair loss in men:1. Receeding hairline2. ... Read article

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