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Memorizing Music - How Is It Best Achieved?

(Submitted by: Trevor Maurice )

When memorizing music there are several things you can do that will make your job that much easier. Memorizing music is important as most people know you play better when having the music in your head rather than having your head in the music. So ... Read article

Guitar Tuning Tips

(Submitted by: Edward Cupler )

Most new guitar players and even some experienced ones have trouble staying and playing in tune. I'll try listing here some of the common mistakes and there solutions.When putting new strings on your guitar you must always make sure you ... Read article

Choosing Your First Guitar: A Beginners Guide

(Submitted by: Alvin Poh )

Picking out what you want for your very first guitar is a difficult and tricky choice. You probably do not know a lot about guitars to begin with, and with the thousands of selections available, it is easy to be confused. The first ... Read article

Your First Guitar

(Submitted by: Kathy Unruh )

Congratulations, you just bought you first guitar! Now that you've met the love of your life and made that big commitment, you're probably excited about building a good relationship with your new partner. But where do you begin? You've just come ... Read article

Learning The Guitar Fretboard

(Submitted by: Peter Jones )

I never cease to be amazed at the number of guitar players who cannot name the notes on their fretboard. Little do they know that by devoting a little time to unlocking the neck of their guitar they will improve their playing, and enjoyment of ... Read article

Avoiding Injuries When Playing Guitar

(Submitted by: Trevor Maurice )

To avoid any sort of injuries when playing guitar a common sense approach is recommended. Just what do I mean by that?Well, there are many simple and obvious precautions you can take that will prevent most injuries.To start with you ... Read article

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