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Preparing The Garden For Winter

(Submitted by: Gwen Stewart )

Are you like me? Sad to see the summer end but at the same time relieved that there is one less task to tend to. Weeding, watering, pruning, and more weeding is over for this year and with a few more chores the outdoor gardening year draws to a ... Read article

Gardening with Bamboo

(Submitted by: Kirk Gordon )

Myths and facts A misconception about bamboo is that they spread like wildfire. This is not entirely true as only a some species of bamboo will be invasive. Spreading, however, can easily be controlled if it becomes a problem. Many ... Read article

Growing Tomatoes Organically

(Submitted by: Chip Phelan )

Tomato Seeds Vs. Tomato Seedlings?Whether you start your own tomato seeds or buy tomato seedlings, growing them organically will produce healthier plants and better tasting tomatoes.Tomatoes are one of the most popular summer ... Read article

Gardening for Birds Part 2

(Submitted by: Ronald Patterson )

We've had some well needed rain this past week, though it makes it a bit difficult to get chores done outside.We're past the last frost date for my area so now I can get some planting done.I love to play in the dirt.Mr. ... Read article

Growing a Sustainable Garden!

(Submitted by: Jim Kennard )

Do you wish you could grow a sustainable vegetable garden? Now you CAN have a sustainable garden of your own in a very small space. And it can be fun and productive!Lets think for a moment of what motivates us to grow gardens ... Read article

When to Plant Vegetaibles

(Submitted by: Chip Phelan )

Planting times for vegetables and other annual plants vary from species to species. In much of the United States the prime consideration is the date of the last spring frost/freeze. Many vegetables can be planted up to four weeks before the last ... Read article

Growing Organic! Herbs, Flowers and Fruit

(Submitted by: Judy Williams )

Creating no dig gardens on top of the soil gives you many immediate advantages over the usual garden. It is quick and easy It will improve the soil underneath the bed It is weed free and organicWhile my site has concentrated ... Read article

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