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Companion Planting

(Submitted by: Chip Phelan )

If you look closely at the natural landscape, youll never see a large area populated by a single species. Why then would it make sense to plant a single crop in a field or in a section of your garden? It doesnt. Companion planting makes a lot of ... Read article

The Flower Garden in August

(Submitted by: Sandra Wilson )

Our flower garden in August can be brimming with activities we can do at this time of year, as we can for most of the year. We have some flower gardening tips to give you and some experiments to try. Feel free to send us your own flower ... Read article

Colour in the Garden

(Submitted by: Gwen Stewart )

Colour affects our emotions, moods, physical, and spiritual well-being. It has a significant effect on everything we eat, drink, and touch and influences our physical environment including our home, office, and garden. Colour reflects our ... Read article

Tree Pruning Tips

(Submitted by: Michael McGroarty )

There are two kinds of winter gardening. The first method usually starts in January as the gardening catalogs begin to arrive in the mail. This type of gardening is as easy as sitting in your favorite chair, browsing the catalogs, and either ... Read article

Build a Rain Garden

(Submitted by: Jodi Reichenberger )

There's a new garden in town. It is (mostly) easy to install, looks good year-round, requires almost no maintenance and has a terrifically upbeat impact on the environment. No wonder rain gardens are such a great new gardening ... Read article

Gardeners Gift Ideas

(Submitted by: Adriana Copaceanu )

Plant lovers and backyard enthusiasts are special people who will love your thoughtfulness when you chose a garden gift for them. If someone you know spends more than ninety percent of their day pruning and pairing, selecting garden gifts for ... Read article

Composting and Composters: A Basic Introduction

(Submitted by: Mark Falco )

Why Compost?Recent studies show that an average family throws away approximately 200 pounds of organic kitchen waste every year. Combine this with all the leaves, grass clippings and other organic garden waste accumulated over time and ... Read article

Tidy Your Garden Up Cheaply

(Submitted by: Johnathan Sanders )

Recently I got involved with gardening. Preior to that, all I use to do was mow the lawn when it overgrew. However, nowadays, I enjoy making my garden looking beautiful and like to share my success with others.There are many places where ... Read article

Greenhouse Calamities Thoughts from a Novice Gardener

(Submitted by: Holly Masters )

Greenhouses are a great addition to anyones garden. They come in all different sizes and you can nestle them right where you want them and with smaller versions of greenhouses you can move them quite easily. That said, as great as they look and ... Read article

How to Grow Sweet Corn

(Submitted by: Linda Jenkinson )

Purchased corn, whether on the cob or in a can cant compare for taste! Sweet corn is easy to grow in the flower and fruit gardening guides home garden with just a little know how and a few corn facts.Corn needs warm soil temperatures (50 - ... Read article

The Container Vegetable Garden

(Submitted by: Vince Apps )

If you live in an apartment or town home, you probably think you dont have enough space to grow vegetables. Lack of space is no longer an excuse since many modern vegetable varieties are perfect for growing in containers on a sunny window ledge ... Read article

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