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Strange Goings On Over At EBay

What makes people list some very weird and outrageous items on Ebay?

Is it their ego that drives them? To think that thousands of people will read and maybe even bid on their ridiculous offerings is that it?

What sort of offerings can be categorised as strange you might ask?

Well, this author has seen auctions for: virginity (this was removed because lets face it thats prostitution and definitely not something that Ebay really want to promote!), a hilarious auction for a stick yes a stick! The offending stick was part of a chair which broke when the seller sat on it! He was so outraged that he decided it would be a saleable item. And starting at .01c, he was right! He actually did sell it for close to $1.00

Now that doesnt mean you should all rush out to your local forest and collect firewood and give each piece an interesting history about which to write and offer up on Ebay!

Also seen was a piece of toast! This was so ridiculous, that one TV station in Australia featured that piece of toast on an evening comedy program and the hit counter went berserk after that! So it seems that anything, which could be classified as strange, has a place on Ebay.

Anyone got any old false teeth perhaps? Im sure even those would get a bid! Or how about that most horrible thing you bought on Ebay, which could be classified as the worst, buying choice you ever made?

Ive got one of those what self-respecting Ebay supporter hasnt?

Thinking it might be fun to buy a wig after having my long hair cut short, I turned to you guessed it Ebay - to spend my cash on a wig. Boy oh boy, what a disaster that turned out to be! I purchased this gorgeous looking blonde, long haired, curly looking piece which promised to make me look sexy and turn heads! The only heads this disaster would have turned would have been in true Exorcist style!

This thing which was advertised as New, with Tags was an absolutely revolting disaster! It was made of what can only be described as raffia, was orange in colour and was glued in bits to the mesh which fits all sizes of head all but mine, that is!

Too small, too horrible, too funny for words! It now sits on the corner piece of our banister I keep thinking Ill paint some eyes and a big red mouth there. It certainly has been a talking point with lots of laughs and wise cracks at mums worst Ebay purchase! It almost seems a shame to sell it now in the weird category because Sally seems to now have a home here!

Ebay not just a place to buy and sell a place to find outrageously funny odds and sods to keep readers of all ages amused!

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