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Instructions on How to Put Picture on Ebay

Like many folks, you have heard of online auctions. Heck, even non-computer users have heard of Ebay. Everyone starts out as a bidder. The brave move on to be sellers. Little, by little, you learn the ropes.

One of those ropes that seems to always give people problems is working with their auction photo. Previous photo experience may have only been limited to the sellers children or pets. Suddenly, they find themselves wading thorough terms such as pixel, uploading, and compression.

Sure, Ebay has tutorials, but its not the whole story. Isnt it frustrating that help files are always streamlined? Doesnt it seem like the step-by-step details are missing? I pondered this one day, trying to look through the eyes of someone whos never heard of image hosting before. For example, did you know that there are 5 screens that you have to pass through before you get to the screen for uploading your pictures to Ebay? Did you know that you can practice uploading pictures without making an actual auction listing? Im sure you feel braver already!

Just make your way to the fifth screen and don't continue after that - (because the listing was not completed, it will not be listed. If you go to sell a real item, your "mock" listing will be there - your choice will be to start a new listing or finish your last (mock) listing - starting a new listing will delete any drafts or mock listing.)

I bet youre really mixed up when you find out there are 3 choices when you get there: ebay picture services, basic picture services, and picture manager. Who wouldnt be confused? I clearly outline these choices in my free online auction tutorials including which one you need and why (hint: its not the same for every person).

The instructions for how to put picture on ebay can be found here: http://www.auctiontongue.com/com_ebay/instructions_on_how_to_put_picture_on_ebay.htm Ebay suggests that there are four ways to capture your digital photo for your auction listing: digital camera, regular camera and scanner, film-to-digital image service, and video camera and VCR tape thats where Ebay leaves you hanging.

Please dont give up yet! Remember were all in this big internet mess together, and together well figure it out. Theres no way around learning to use your digital devices, except sitting down and reading the owners manual. From there, you may find additional help on the internet. You have to do your part, first.

If you decide to buy a digital camera, read my How to Buy a Digital Camera for Auction Use http://www.auctiontongue.com/com_ebay/index.html It tells precisely what features you need to look for and what will cause you trouble.

If you do buy a digital camera, its a whole other story getting the image onto the computer. I thought you would enjoy some step-by-step photos of that process, too, so I included them at http://www.auctiontongue.com/com_ebay/index.html

If you have a regular camera and scanner, or a friend has a scanner, try my tutorial Scanner overview. I even put together Navigating Your Computer so anyone could find and locate their auction pictures with ease.

I hate to tell you this, but theres more for you to worry about. Ever go to an online auction and you wait and wait for it to load and nothing happens? Usually the culprit is a large file-sized auction photo. Its the number one mistake beginners make. It makes your auction look unprofessional. The chances are slim anyone will hang around to place bids at that auction.

Whats that? Do I have a tutorial to solve that? Why yes I do! If you cant tell already, I like helping people learn about the internet. I like to see people getting excited about their auctions. Believe me, your despair will be short-lived, and you will soon be an auction pro with some great auction stories to tell.

See you at the Auctions Renee from AuctionTongue

Note: If you would like to view this article, along with step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures, visit my online auction tutorial guide at: http://www.auctiontongue.com/com_ebay/index.html

Renee Matt maintains AuctionTongue.com, a review site of auction tool, free auction templates, auction software, auction sniper and image hosting services. AT focuses on auction websites outside of Ebay. Sign up for their FREE Auction Freebies newsletter at http://www.auctiontongue.com/

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